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Boobalicious Social Media Influencer with Angel Youngs and Jay Romero

Jay is a social media influencer manager and knows a lot of hot models in the biz. He chats on the phone and explains that one of his model influencers is about to come over. Angel Youngs walks in and the two make themselves acquainted. Angel has a ripping hot bod and looks smoking hot in her jeans shorts and her black top with black high heels. She takes a seat on the sofa and explains that she needs help with her social media branding and how it has become overwhelming. She shows Jay some of her social media photos which he proclaims are rather suggestive, he then asks if her breasts are real and she explains that they are 34DD’s in fact. She then leaves to try on one of her outfits that she has brought to show to Jay and she comes back wearing a sexy black lingerie outfit and poses for some pics. She then suggests to go topless and shows off her amazing pierced natural boobs. Next you know those incredible tits are being rubbed in Jay’s face. He sucks on her boobies and she sits on top of him whilst his tongue goes to town on her terrific tits and pierced nipples. Angel takes off his pants to reveal a massive schlong which she proceeds to slurp, spit and suck on with reckless abandon. There is spit and saliva aplenty as he makes Angel gag on his monster cock. Jay shows his appreciation by feasting on her shaved pussy and she licks her pierced nipples with her pierced tongue. He turns around and starts eating her asshole and pussy and gets his hard dick ready to pound her doggystyle. He sticks his thumb in her ass whilst pounding her wet vagina and she loves it. She deepthroats him and gags some more before he then titty fucks her. Angel then rides him reverse cowgirl with her large breasts bouncing with happiness. More tit-fucking ensues this time with her on her back and he fucks her some more with her long legs spread wide and sucks her toes whilst grinding on her. He slaps her melons and she gets down on her knees for more titty fucking and sucking action. Jay blows his load whilst being fucked by her hooters and his hot sticky cum explodes all over her pierced boobs and Jay tells her he looks forward to them working together and has an open-door policy that she can ‘come over’ anytime.

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